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Benzaclin vs. Clindoxyl Gel

I’ve used both of them but I’ve gone back to Benzaclin. Both have 5% benzoyl peroxide and 1% clindamycin. Both have a short life of 3 months.

From my personal experience, Clindoxyl Gel is a lot more drying than Benzaclin. Both are very effective and you can see effects almost overnight. With Benzaclin, I always could, but Clindoxyl Gel took another day to see its effects. Their packaging labels say that it can be as fast as 2 weeks, but results are so much faster than that.

I’ve tried lots of different cleansers, including Shiseido, Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, St. Ives, L’Oreal, and none have worked on me. Most drugstore brands only have around 2% benzoyl peroxide though so that may be why the prescription topical gels have worked so much better for me. Although the downside is obviously the cost of of these products, paying $70 for a gel that’s effective for 3 months (50 g pump) is much more worth it than buying drugstore brands that may break you out. The gels are also available in smaller sizes and a lot of doctors (at least in Canada) have them available in sample sizes. That’s actually how I got hooked onto Benzaclin. My family doctor gave me a sample and within a week, my skin was clear. I do notice that as I get closer to the 3 month expiry date, the product gets increasingly ineffective.

(I had a reaction to Clindoxyl Gel where my throat starting closing up so that’s the main reason why I stopped with it. I don’t really understand why it happened because its ingredients are so similar to Benzaclin. Has this happened to anyone else?)

Edited to add: I had a similar throat closing reaction to Benzaclin recently when I put on larger amounts, but it went away when I took it off. I would use the minimal amount it takes to cover the pimple (like a spot treatment) and leave it at that. Just from my experience, I’d say do not put on more than necessary!

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