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Once I pinpointed the thing that was bothering me I realized I don’t want to be friends anymore. I love sending links of things that I think other people would enjoy but I no longer feel the urge, not to this friend anymore.

Why would I want to associate myself with someone that’s sexist? I’m going to surround myself with better people.

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Mar 15-Apr 15

promises, secrets

Sometimes I like telling you lovely pretend moments attached with a “Don’t tell a soul” just to see how far it can travel. Just checking that you can’t keep promises

just like I thought.

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That’s why I have to take a break from talking

He has sexist views

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The hole

It’s not boys or books that’ll fill this hole. It’s me. I’ve been looking in the wrong places, trying to find what doesn’t exist.
I’m responsible for my future.

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Don’t ask me because I don’t like it

I don’t understand why suddenly you’re trying to talk to me differently.

Can’t we go back to talking because you have something to say? It’s so weird right now.

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I keep projecting.

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Writing backwards


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Not like sing the refrain,
Chanter le refrain de la chanson,
Because that happens over and over again,
Encore et encore,
But refrain from messaging him.
But I guess that’s something I have to stop myself from doing
Over and over again

Taking you out of the equation

Of course
We talked about everything that mattered
All the little things
You know exactly what I want to hear
It makes it so easy to manipulate me
Into thinking things are different

If you didn’t notice
I’m not telling you

You reply for the validation
The ego boost.
Stand back and look.
Read what he told you.

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Listen to me for once

What really pissed me off was the fact that I’d told you

I was leaving the province

to over 2000 miles away

and that didn’t register with you,

not enough for you to remember

as you elicited a surprised, “What?”

the second time I told you

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ask me about my day

When did it become okay to keep conversations going with a “How are you”

when you’re so-called taking initiative to keeping it going

but really putting the onus on the other person

to keep it interesting?

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