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all I had to do

I didn’t want to talk anymore. All I had to do was respond being self-absorbed and clingy. Thank you for disappearing.

#howtoloseaguyin10days Kidding!

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Mental illness isn’t something you can snap out of. It isn’t something that is easy to grasp.

Sometimes I break down because of the lack of control I have. I put myself in situations thinking, this time I’ll be able to act differently, but then my actions don’t follow my words. It’s hard to admit it to yourself, that something else controls you, even if it’s inside you. Isn’t that weird? But anyhow, I’ve learned that OCD is something I have to live with and manage and somehow I have to find that balance to control my situation, knowing how it’ll try to control me.

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We are fundamentally different people

It’s amazing how we share so much of our DNA, yet when it comes to social issues, we are so different.

Mind over matter.

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Other people’s perception of you does not define your self-worth.


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Only in Vancouver are people so racist-happy and acceptably so…to the point where people get hostile to those shutting down the racism.


I understand a bit more if they were anonymous, but this is connected to their Facebook, where their employment and real identities are visible. Does this just mean they don’t even know to be shameful for their thoughts?

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I can become attached to anyone

If I talk to someone enough, I’ll get attached. Instead of being friends with just anyone, I need to filter them out before investing time in them. I realized that it doesn’t matter how different their values are, how they may irritate me with some things they say; if I talk to them enough, I’ll see the good in them and start seeing them in my everyday…

Everything will start reminding me of somebody.

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quit it

Stop watching shows that bombard you with ideas that women are catty and can’t sustain friendships, that men/other partners will always be a priority, that a career will fail because love will get in the way.

These shows aren’t healthy.

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why is anyone single

why do people ask this?

we haven’t found someone that makes us happier if we were with him/her than without.

it’s kind of simple. don’t blame it on faults, insecurities, etc.

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I’m bored with it

You say things that are inherently sexist.

You can’t spell properly.

You’re wasting my time.


How much can I tolerate? I learned my limit today.

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I was so close

Yesterday I was this close to texting him something along the lines of “maybe we should stop talking.” Then I realized I left my phone on my desk at home.

Lately I’ve realized that sometimes the conversations feel forced, like he feels like he needs to upkeep this new friendship with daily texts and updates.

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