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Thank you because I really needed that.

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Let it go

I emotionally invest way too much.
I don’t think I’ll continue with Tinder.
Don’t take things personally ✌

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Je ne resterais jamais avec qqn qui ne m’apprecie pas…

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When I really think about it

I don’t feel anything. It was the regular conversation I have with anyone only he was a stranger. There wasn’t that … Feeling.

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When someone tells me to censor myself

My train of thought goes something like this: Is this constructive criticism? What is the purpose of this self-censorship he’s advising? Is it stemming from his discomforts around the human body; is it a misogynistic rooted thought? Why does he think it’s okay to tell me this? What right does he feel that he can tell me what to do and whyarguing for himself being right when I’ve shut down the topic and agreed to disagree? My opinion of this person changed drastically after the course of a few hours. There’s a certain thing that reading and education can do for you – it gives you an opportunity for empathy and understanding of people in roles that you don’t necessarily have access to directly. Please take advantage of it.

And also it’s also not cute to brag about the indulgent opportunities that your wealth has given you when you treat those in the service industry miserly.

You’re a good person; you just have a bit ways to go before I can tolerant your presence with enjoyment.

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On art

When I am taking pictures in an art gallery, I like taking pictures of how people interact with art, not face-on photos of paintings or photos. Those I could find on the internet.

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I put every vulnerability out there. I literally told you things that I’ve never told anyone. Ever.

Then I was met with silence.

So yeah, I will take it personally.

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I enjoyed it

But can I trust you to be careful with me?

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this was a mistake

was? is.

As a friend, he should’ve given me the heads up. Just because I act nonchalant it doesn’t mean I’m unaffected by what people say. Just because I’ve read pickup artist handbooks, it doesn’t mean I’m immune to them.

But it’s like, smarten up.

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I said I wouldn’t but I am

I’m going to meet up with someone.

I anticipate it not going well, but YOLO & c’est la vie

and nous devons prendre des chances, essayez tous dans la vie

So I’m going through a precursory regret

A “I’m going to miss the good morning texts”

“I’m going to miss the being able to talk without having looks matter”

Those little things

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