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I still think about it from time to time

Aujourd’hui, quand j’ai regardais le film et j’ai vu les appartments de Montreal, je sentais un grand manqué…c’était comme un partie de moi n’existait pas dans mon corps. Et dans le theatre sans luminieres, j’ai… Wept small tears.

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How have I been?

I like it I think
I’ve learned or rather confirmed that waiting is something I don’t like


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Time doesn’t mean anything

You would think that seeing someone 5 hrs a day would make you best friends, but it’s not true.


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I went to church

Rolling thoughts as I sat there in the church

I wonder why kind of Christianity this is
Nice voices
Oh no, what are they singing and why don’t I have the lyrics?
Other people aren’t singing either. Perfect
Wow, it’s elaborate
But why is it all men?
There’s a woman singing
The painting on the side has a caption I don’t agree with.
I wonder whose here out of obligation
That child is throwing a tantrum
The feet rests are actually for kneeling on
They ask for donations
Do people really have such large random handfuls of change in their pockets or are they carefully placed there to give a certain amount?
Someone has a 5er ready and puts it out, making sure everyone can see
People go up for bread and other symbolic things
I look at the runway of people
Yup, they colour coordinated their outfits and jewellery
It feels a bit surreal, like I’m an alien standing among a group that worships something I’m not well-acquainted with
I don’t say amen or the words. I miss the cue each time
No dirty looks though because we are in a church
People are nice and giving and nonjudgemental right 👉

It’s interesting entering a church after having taken psychology of religion. The experience is different.

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Sometimes I’ll know in the moment that if someone else was doing the same thing I’d be pissed off but in the middle of my tirade I don’t stop… Can’t stop

Wrecking ball

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Passive aggressive

You know nothing will change right?

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In my head

What the hell.

How does one go from absolutely ignoring you to wanting to be friends with you? Not that I don’t like this change but… It’s weird, buddy. Vraiment bizarre.

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It’s interesting

It’s as if I am deceiving someone, but not really. Omission is still a life, oui?

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I don’t even know how to feel

How do people do it so easily?

People who spend a lot of money to look very “I don’t care how I look”
… Please. Bad vibes

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That I’m not even looking

I was excited to go on this trip but after all the health problems… Maybe it’s the world’s way of giving me an out without taking my pride

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