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it’s a big part of my life

and somehow I forgot about it. How is this going to work? Some things don’t happen for a reason too.

You have to give up some things to allow others in. This is hard.

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at first I thought

I thought Finally, a booklover in the flesh, in my community of friends. And then

I sit here defending books and the genre I choose to read. Never mind.

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I find that as we get deeper into the holiday season, people need people to talk to more and more. The loneliness. Yes, they may be shopping for loved ones and whatnot but do you know how many times I’ve heard, “But I don’t actually know him/her well enough.” Not well enough to know what kind of present he/she might like, but enough to warrant a present. It’s strange. People give in to these expectations of present exchanges when really people need comfort, warmth, and company this time of year.

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Sometimes when I see old, sexist ads and remember that they used to be the norm, I wonder what things we do today would be considered by our future generations as archaic and non-progressive. Our vocabulary? Our casualness with subtle racism? Our lack of care when it comes to voting? Taking our environment for granted? What will future generations be criticizing of us?

We don’t even take measures to prevent it. Complacency with comfortable. Society’s problem.

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We’re close but you might judge

If I know you in real life and you’ve accidentally stumbled on this blog, don’t let me know. Please. I like the freedom of a pretend anonymity.

If we’ve spoken recently there’s no way you wouldn’t identify me with my posts. Writing a blog makes me vulnerable. I know this. The catharsis that I feel when I hit publish helps me stay balanced, helps my life be in check with my mind and emotions, so for me it’s worth it.

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when all information is circular

your loyalties don’t lie with me

that grapevine

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People were/are right about you

So it’s not nice of you to see my message and not respond. People kept saying she was always making excuses so that she could spend time only with her significant other, that she didn’t make time for others. I defended her. But look…

Not going to bother trying.

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innocence of a non-menstruating person

He said,

Why are you collecting your menstrual blood?

I had to explain that the Diva Cup is a menstrual cup that collects period blood, but not for experiments or for keeps.

To pour it out. I’m not keeping it!

Quite frankly, the thought of collecting the blood horrified me.

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I’m looking and looking

I’m looking at the slideshow of places I used to go. It’s weird, seeing these familiar places from the perspective of someone else’s lenses. But they’re not my frequent spots anymore. They’re now dubbed places for couples, for friends, for not me on the wrong coast. I don’t know how it is that the place where I was physically the most alone became the place where I felt like I most belonged.

The people felt truer and closer. There were more yes, I’m down than no, I’m busynot interested, etc. It’s so different. At the same time, I found so much comfort in the solitude, the walks in the park, by the St. Laurent, up the hills, through the shops. I felt so little scrutiny and judgment and I felt there were no expectations of me. It was just me in existence and wandering.

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Darkness and quiet

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