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The thing I’m most excited about is moving to a town where I can see the stars :)

I hope the locals have a telescope!

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How I’m feeling right now

I still wonder why
So many open ended questions
But I think it’s mostly because things like that never happen to me. Caught myself before saying
Girls like me. Because what’s that supposed to mean anyway? That a subset exists that is inferior? Superior in other ways? And why would I belong there?

Goals or expectations
That I’ll return with absolutely no more hate for hikes
That I’ll feel adequate among those non-mosquito fearing, adventure-seeking, nature lovers
That it won’t be as lonely as I anticipate

That at least one cute guy will exist there… I’ve been checking the Facebook page to see if any have joined but so far it looks like a younger group.

Sometimes I feel inadequate and I wonder what it’d be like to have someone constantly disconfirm my insecurities. Though that’s no good either. Dependence

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changing opinion

Sometimes you meet those people that seem to be everything you’ve ever wanted to be or maybe everything you’ve ever wanted in a partner.

So there’s this guy that I thought pretty highly of. He had this reserved, stoic attitude paired with a bit of charm. I don’t know how it works but that combo exists. Okay, so it wasn’t until today when I saw online that he thought he was talented in a certain aspect that he’s not talented in that I kind of reevaluated.

This unawareness made me find him less attractive. Still a great person but I have swiped him off the pedestal!

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Going back

It’s been a couple of years but we’re gonna meet up. Yay!

Reconnecting with old friends = the best

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creeper level

I think I’ve maxed out my creeper level. So there was this guy from the first day of class that I’d mistaken for someone else. He’s actually pretty cute though. Anyway, I remember him saying what program he was in … so given today was the last day I’d ever see him again, I went on Facebook and through my friend who is also in that very small program, and found his profile. You know, just to see. And it’s not really my fault that I know where he works because I was there while he was working one time, so that’ s like a by-chance kind of creeper level-upness.

Some context: I don’t “like” many things on Facebook unless it’s to support family/friends and their projects.

Suddenly I realized that one of these things I’d liked was his project because he was her partner for the project.

OMG @ MY CREEPINESS. I can’t even handle it.

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Sunshine and ghastliness, no autocorrect, HAPPINESS!




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baffles me a bit

I’m excited about moving to a small town, even though it’s only temporary. I’ve been thinking of how it’s so interesting that in the city it’s so hard to date and we have many people complaining about the coldness of strangers. At the same time we have so many options to choose from and so many activities, public spaces, and getaways nearby. How is it that people in small towns end up getting married and often at even younger ages than us city dwellers? I’m sure there are studies about this somewhere, but thinking about it confuses me a bit. There’s probably a warm, homey feel to the place and everyone knows each other better. Perhaps their families are more compatible since they grow up with the same values and know the same history. But what about choices? How are people okay with whom they end up with and how does it work that they have high school sweethearts, sometimes people they’ve known their whole lives?

I think I might’ve exhausted all the care I have in finding new info about the town I’m to live in.

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Ready for disappointment

I have these expectations that I’ll go and something magical will happen, like I’ll fall in love or someone will change my life with some piece of wisdom.

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Concentration level

Is at 0. Help.
I’ve always been my own motivator in school so I don’t know what to do. Just need to get through exams.


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We did it


It was the last day of class for my undergrad. Adventure Club was there.

What’s next?

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