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the perfect feel good escape

Any time I need some feel good escape, I open a book and fully immerse myself. It doesn’t work with non-fiction, audiobooks, nor textbooks. It must be a good fiction novel that can let me picture someone else’s life and try to imagine the details of their environment, the nuances in their relationships, and the way they let things fall into place.

Books solve stress.

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What I learned about myself

You asked me what I learned about myself and I hesitated because I knew that what I wanted to say was one glaring thing that you wouldn’t want to hear. I learned that I am more than okay with being alone. In fact, I enjoy this independence in a way that I’m not sure every 20 something would understand. So there you have it. I love people and spending time with others but I’m not desperate to find a life partner and am in no hurry to commit myself to someone. I enjoy my freedom and am milking it.

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Because why the frequency?

I’m uncomfortable with the amount we talk.

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better imagined

I think today was enough to tell me that what I thought was not what it was.

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if you wondered

so I guess it went well…

I could see it going somewhere. Maybe. I don’t feel the dread like before.

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when I’m pissed off

If I am pissed off at you, I will joke, laugh, and smile excessively in your presence because I’m trying to put myself in a better mood. It’s not because you’re making me happy.

As if. Stop gluing storm clouds to my forehead.

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research is there for your consumption

Scientific research is there for a reason. Use the proper statistics to back up your arguments instead of making up random “what you think is true” claims.

There’s a lot of ignorance in this world. I’d like to thank coursera and all the free educational websites out there that are aiming to spread knowledge to the masses. There are many public free talks put on by universities and other educational institutions. Before defending your stance on a subject, if these talks are available to you, please attend them. Have the most recent research results in your arsenal. Let the knowledge guide your debate or to guide what you believe.

Seriously, if I see another anti-feminist comment in the post, I’m just going into comment section hibernation for a bit. Emma Watson’s talk about gender equality was wonderful and even though it’s wonderful that men are joining in on the conversation, many of them completely miss the talk, her words that do contain stats and facts, and spew emotionally charged words. Remember that education is there to help you be a better contributing member of society.

Also, it angers me that people are turning the conversation to the victimization of men. We get it that both genders suffer from inequalities. The thing is that we are in a largely patriarchal world and we do need to draw attention to how changes in the role and treatment of women would ultimately benefit all genders. Family dynamics? Everyday treatment in the workplace? Expectations of men? Everyone has a role. Let’s think about and focus on the injustices of women, yeah? Yes, men have issues too, but that should be part of the conversation, not a complete “Voilà! Here’s another group’s problems so let’s talk about this instead” kind of redirection. The point of feminism is women issues. It just happens that it’ll help the rest of the world, too.

The comments: http://www.rappler.com/world/regions/us-canada/69726-emma-watson-gender-equality People are so defensive. I think it’s good that they’re voicing it though because as ignorant as some may be, if people don’t realize they’re part of the problem, they can’t really fix it. Or at least no one can explain it to them properly. It really highlights the necessity of education in the world! Sometimes I think people are writing mini-passages of satire but then when I read the replies in support of them, I’m like…no wait. Are these the parents of our future’s tomorrow? It is frightening.

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Read later

I was on the Refinery29 feed and saw this “fitness test” that’s supposed to let you know if you have weaker areas that your current workout is not targeting. Now I haven’t done a fitness test since I was 16 but I think I’ll willingly give this one a try. http://www.womenshealthmag.com/fitness/ultimate-fitness-test?cid=Synd_Refinery29_6FitnessTests_Content-Fitness_September14_6FitnessTests

Skip the Laundromat and wash your own clothes by hand. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riqYz2WEfRQ&feature=share

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free things to do this week – live, learn, and culture

There is so much to do in Vancouver this week!

  • Design workshop on Sunday at Emily Carr http://www.eventbrite.ca/e/design-workshop-tickets-13036633923?aff=es2&rank=28
  • yoga class on Monday at Sitka http://sitka.ca/news/free-yoga-mondays
  • festival for hapa culture on Tuesday http://www.hapapalooza.com/
  • yoga class on Wednesday in Kits http://www.eventbrite.ca/e/classical-hatha-yoga-sivananda-style-with-saharnaz-tickets-12960157179?aff=es2&rank=68
  • Brain talks on Thursday at VGH http://www.eventbrite.ca/e/synapses-learning-and-memory-tickets-10419973421?aff=es2&rank=82
  • Ripple Effect event for bug tasting at UBC on Friday http://www.calendar.events.ubc.ca/cal/event/showEventMore.rdo;jsessionid=E0B2ACA7B82D170C3A1ED5DD7FA821A3
  • Jellyfish club rolfing on Saturday http://cokobodybalance.com/2014/05/17/introduction-of-jellyfish-club-rolfing-movement-class/
  • Vancouver Walkennale on Saturday http://www.eventbrite.com/e/bikennalewalkennale-2014-tickets-13240826669?aff=es2&rank=108

and of course Culture Days this upcoming weekend!

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Don’t be the pot calling the kettle black

The problem I have with articles that involve overpriced luxuries and Vancouver:

The racist comments I now expect to follow

The holier-than-thou attitude of the comment makers. You’re sitting behind a screen spewing racist comments…how are you better than people that you presume are spoiled, good for nothing, non-contributors to society?

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