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I keep daydreaming
Sucked into a fake reality

It’s impairing my life.

Edit: this is real http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maladaptive_daydreaming

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Difficulty of Facebook creeping

Right side scroll on a touch screen so to not to accidentally “like” anything

And suddenly an event pops up and you end up clicking “join”

So much worse when it’s an event that happened years ago and it shows up in your “recent activity”

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When days are good and moments make them better

Little boy that measures to his mother’s waist is walking uphill in front of me. He’s chatting and using gestures and she smiles and nods while he looks up at her for approval. She sees me at my window sipping my tea and we share a smile at her son’s adorableness. They pass by and I keep watching. They reach the corner – almost there but not quite – and a car pulls up before they reach the pedestrian crosswalk.  The car doesn’t slow. It stops. It doesn’t move but waits patiently for the two to get to the lines. The duo walk across and once on the other side endlessly wave at the driver with beaming smiles. They look so happy and thankful.

Just enjoying the shared moment between mother and child.

…which reminds me, Mother’s Day is coming up.

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Food essentials

Cherry tomatoes
Spinach, broccoli
Green onion
Apples, strawberries, oranges
Soy milk
Bean sprouts, beans

What are your grocery essentials?

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Odd thoughts from last night

Yesterday night I realized that if someone killed me and detectives looked at my recent rather moody posts, they might conclude it to be suicide. Um… :?😵So I would like to put it out there that that’s not something I’d do. I’m looking forward to too much!🏰🏯🗻🗼like traveling. Forgive me, I just discovered emoji 😍😱

When I feel like I look pretty gross, I do better in school. Is this weird?

Also, I saw this gem online yesterday


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If you had time for me?

Let’s be honest here. You never cared. Right now you might be wondering if I’m telling the truth. If you’d even bothered to look at what I’d brought home, you’d know and alarms would sound.

But you seen relatively unphased. So out of touch.

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Going through the motions

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The thing I’m most excited about is moving to a town where I can see the stars :)

I hope the locals have a telescope!

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How I’m feeling right now

I still wonder why
So many open ended questions
But I think it’s mostly because things like that never happen to me. Caught myself before saying
Girls like me. Because what’s that supposed to mean anyway? That a subset exists that is inferior? Superior in other ways? And why would I belong there?

Goals or expectations
That I’ll return with absolutely no more hate for hikes
That I’ll feel adequate among those non-mosquito fearing, adventure-seeking, nature lovers
That it won’t be as lonely as I anticipate

That at least one cute guy will exist there… I’ve been checking the Facebook page to see if any have joined but so far it looks like a younger group.

Sometimes I feel inadequate and I wonder what it’d be like to have someone constantly disconfirm my insecurities. Though that’s no good either. Dependence

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changing opinion

Sometimes you meet those people that seem to be everything you’ve ever wanted to be or maybe everything you’ve ever wanted in a partner.

So there’s this guy that I thought pretty highly of. He had this reserved, stoic attitude paired with a bit of charm. I don’t know how it works but that combo exists. Okay, so it wasn’t until today when I saw online that he thought he was talented in a certain aspect that he’s not talented in that I kind of reevaluated.

This unawareness made me find him less attractive. Still a great person but I have swiped him off the pedestal!

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